Why You Should Visit DR Congo in 2022: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly known as Zaire, is Africa’s second biggest country. South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, and the Republic of Congo are her neighbors. Kinshasa, the capital, has the largest population density in Africa, with around 14,950,000 people. It is also Africa’s second largest French-speaking metropolis. Kinshasa’s large population is ascribed to insecurity in various sections of the nation. Residents also have an easier time finding work and essential social services.

Why You Should Visit Congo in 2022?

Congo is blessed with natural riches and abundant wildlife.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a land of abundant natural riches and natural beauties. Aside from gold, diamonds, and oil, the Congo is home to more than 15 different natural resources. I should mention at this point Activities in Congo that the uranium ore needed to produce the first atomic bombs came from the country’s Shinkolobwe Mines. Aside from minerals, Congo is a wildlife and environment lover’s heaven. The nation is home to everything from Africa’s big five to birds and reptiles. The Congo is home to unique animal species such as the elusive okapi, bongo, bonobos (pygmy chimps), Congolese Peafowl, eastern lowland gorillas, and mores.

Why You Should Visit DR Congo in 2022
Gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Experience the unique cultures in DR Congo.

There are also fantastic cultural encounters with tribes like as the Mbuti Pygmies. These pygmies continue to live as they did over 10,000 years ago. Spend a week among the Mbuti pygmies and you’ll return home with incredible stories to tell your friends. Aside from cultural experiences, there are also spectacular natural elements like as the Nyiragongo Volcano. The sensation of watching the boiling magma on top of this mountain revives every wildlife drive you will take in the Masai Mara or the Serengeti National Park. But there’s more to it. Congo is endowed with magnificent waterfalls and an abundance of rivers, thus Why You Should Visit DR Congo in 2022.

Visit Museums and Historical Sites in Kinshasa.

Kinshasa, as the seat of power and economic activity, has numerous notable structures worth seeing. They include the Kinshasa National Museum, Palais de la Nation, the legislative building, the American Baptist Missionary Society Chapel, and the Roman Catholic Cathedral. A city trip can be organized with the assistance of a local tour company or an experienced private Guide. A real Guide can be obtained at your hotel or by arranging for one through your host or contact in the country.

Explore the mighty Congo River.

The Congo River is the world’s second largest river system, behind the Amazon. It is the world’s deepest river, with an overall volume second only to the Amazon. The river’s water contributes to the stunning landscape and biodiversity of much of the area. The river is home to over 713 different fish species, as well as crocodiles, hippos, birds, and waterfalls. When it comes to waterfalls, the Congo River can provide all of Africa’s hydroelectric electricity. Along the river, around 40 power plants have been constructed.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

This beautiful national park, named after the 3,000-metre-high Mt. Kahuzi and the 2,700-metre-high Mt. Biega, is located in South Kivu Province and runs from the Congo River valley to Bukavu. Kahuzi and Biega are extinct volcanoes that today provide some fantastic trekking opportunities.

It was established in 1970 to safeguard the Eastern Lowland Gorillas and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site ten years later. Poaching of gorillas has been a concern for decades, but due to the park authorities, a focused education program is still underway. The gorillas are still endangered today, but their quality of life has improved and their situations are improving year after year. The park has a great biological richness, including indigenous vegetation, elephants, chimpanzees, genets, and antelope.

Explore amazing Congolese Delicacies.

Congolese cuisine has been strongly impacted by the French and their Belgian colonists. Mayonnaise is a popular condiment among urban dwellers, and it may be used with peas, manioc, fish, meat, salads, and chilli pepper. Beef brochette, roast chicken, and roast goat are among more easily available dishes. Don’t miss out on capittaine or poulet à la mwambe, a locally bred chicken with a peanut source. In Goma, Lubumbashi, Bukavu, Kisangani, and Kinshasa, there are several high-end restaurants serving both indigenous and foreign cuisines. Due to the significant expatriate community of relief workers and UN personnel in the cities, restaurants selling Indian, Lebanese, Chinese, and other continental foods may be found thus Why You Should Visit DR Congo in 2022.

Climb Mount Nyiragongo

The Nyiragongo Volcano is a major attraction in Virunga National Park, with plumes of smoke visible from as far away as Rwanda at night. Nyiragongo is an active volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the world’s biggest lava lake. The mountain has erupted 34 times since 1984, the most recent in 2011.

Why You Should Visit DR Congo in 2022
Mountain Nyiragongo

Every year, hundreds of people disregard negative headlines and security warnings from their embassies in order to be among the few who have seen a lava lake up close. When paired with gorilla trekking in Virunga and a visit to the Serengeti/Masai Mara, you’ll have accomplished something to brag about to your family back home. Hiking permits to Nyiragongo cost $356 per person, which includes a night in a lodge at the peak.

Visit Virunga National Park.

Mountain gorillas are one of the most intriguing animals on the planet. Virunga National Park allows travellers to get up and personal with these gorgeous creatures at a comparatively reasonable cost. Permits cost $400, and Virunga has six habituated gorilla groups. After the briefing at 7:30 a.m. gorilla trekking in Virunga begins.

A gorilla groups in Virunga national park can only be visited by 8 hikers in a single day. Tracking gorillas leads you deep into the forest, where you may view many of the park’s wildlife. It takes roughly two hours to discover the primates, but you only get one hour with them. Following the observation of the primates, it would take another 2 hours to return to the starting point of the journey.

Gorilla trekking safaris to the Democratic of Congo can be combined with other countries like gorilla trekking in Rwanda or even gorilla trekking in Uganda from Kigali. Contact our team for bookings.

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