Why is Africa so special? There’s a hidden superpower in Africa. It changes individuals. Discovering this amazing continent offers you the “vacation of a lifetime” and opens your eyes to the amazing globe we call home. It also does something indescribably fantastic to you on a soul level, changing your perspective, your thinking, and your priorities.

Life‐changing experiences.
We are constantly in awe of the enormous impact that first-time safari visitors receive from Africa. Its wide open spaces and brilliant blue skies are awe-inspiring, its people are hospitable and eminently kind, and its unparalleled natural beauty is matched only by the remarkable, recognisable fauna that makes Africa’s majestic wilderness so intensely thrilling.

Immersion in all that makes Africa unique is the main goal of an African safari, allowing you to experience the essence of this amazing continent and the places that have drawn tourists from all over the world for decade after decade of exciting travel.

It’s about travelling to incredible locations where the wild force of nature makes you realize that, despite our best efforts, humans are but a little part of a remarkable, complicated fabric of life that, while we have somehow broken away from it, Africa swiftly re-establishes.

Being humbled by nature.
It is stripped down to its most basic components and placed on exhibit for everyone to see, touch, hear, feel, and immerse themselves in. This invitation helps you rediscover your position in the world and the critical role that humans play in preserving the priceless but fragile natural equilibrium.

You can feel the pulse of Africa out there in the heat and dust of the boundless plains and the softly swaying savannah grasses. It can be heard in the wood dove’s gentle cooing, the elephant’s ceaseless flapping of its ears, the cicadas’ slow, steady hum in the acacia trees, and the nervous antelope’s sly snort as it spies danger in the breeze.

Why is Africa so special?
Why is Africa so special?

It’s simultaneously humble and astounding, leaving your senses alive and tingling, and leaving you wanting more. As you sit in the open-air safari vehicle and observe life unfold before you, you will gain an understanding of how ecosystems function and how everything lives in perfect harmony in an endless cycle of birth and death. You will also learn how we are meant to co-exist with the wilderness and the animals and plants that call it home.

Making your difference.
In addition to having a significant positive influence on the people you encounter, your safari will contribute financially to conservation efforts that maintain and safeguard Africa’s natural landscapes.

Africa’s people are also benefiting from travel and learning the value of animals and wild places by giving back to their communities through employment opportunities, education, and support. These opportunities arise through ethical eco-tourism and are reinvested directly into the local communities.

Every time you go on safari, you will be consciously or unconsciously supporting the symbiotic relationship that exists between Africa’s safari camps and lodges and the people who are tirelessly defending endangered animals and their fragile ecosystems. Therefore, by taking this once-in-a-lifetime journey, you will be changing the world.

Falling in Love with Africa is forever.
Upon said farewell to Africa, you will inevitably find yourself feeling somehow forlorn and heartbroken. You will have developed an unbreakable passion for the sights you have seen and the locations you have visited. Having to split from her will hurt. Your existence back in the real world will seem insignificant in compared to the stirring and life-changing experience you had in Africa.

But don’t be alarmed. “Africa fever” has an answer. All you have to do is come back and resume your last adventure where you left off. After all, there are still a tonne of sights to view and activities to partake in. There are so many people to meet and things to do.

The famous Kruger National Park, Kilimanjaro, the immense plains of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, the Okavango Delta, the deep, green forests of the Virungas, etc.

The majestic “Fairest Cape,” the blood-red Namib sand dunes, the meandering waterways of Chobe, Victoria Falls, the untamed Zambezi, the Nile, the vast, lush, languid Limpopo, and the Orange River.

Pangolins, magnificent mountain gorillas, elephants covered in dust from the desert, the Great Migration, and painted wolves and many others.

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