Whitewater Rafting in Uganda

Whitewater Rafting in Uganda is conducted on Lake Victoria and in Murchison falls National Park. It is a fantastic activity to engage in with friends and family and it is perfect for visitors who love adventure sports. 

Whitewater Rafting in Murchison falls National Park.

Whitewater rafting in Uganda can be done in Murchison falls national park at a fee of USD 50 dollars per person for both Foreign residents and non-residents; and UGX 50,000 for East African Citizens. The fees charged exclude park entrance fees.

Whitewater rafting in Murchison falls national park is conducted on Albert Nile which has very rough rapids and is not for the faint of heart. All participants taking part in whitewater rafting in the park are first briefed and then assigned to guides/instructors who are experienced and have been well-trained to ensure the safety of each participant. Whitewater rafting in Murchison falls national park is prohibited for children below 15 years of age.

Whitewater Rafting on Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Doing whitewater rafting on Lake Victoria in Uganda is nothing but spectacular. Participants have a chance to explore the largest fresh water lake on the African continent. It is also the second largest lake in the world covering an area of about 68800 square kilometers. 

Lake Victoria is shared by three East African countries namely Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. In Uganda, the lake flows out into River Nile which is the longest river in the world; into Egypt and finally the Mediterranean Sea.

Lake Victoria in Uganda is home to about 84 different islands which act as attractions to visitors and they include Ssese Island, Buggala Island, Bukasa Island, Musambwe Island, and Ngamba Island among others. 

White water Rafting on Lake Victoria in Uganda is conducted on the swift rapids by use of a paddle raft. Each participant joins a member of a team with a professional guide who instructs the team on how it rafting should be done. 

White water rafting on Lake Victoria starts with a briefing session where participants are given guidelines to be followed while rafting and is graded depending on the rapids which range from grade one level to grade five. 

White water rafting on the lake begins slowly on the calm water as the guides train the rafting team on the aspects and guidelines of rafting keeps on involving strange falls across the rocks later becomes more adventurous especially at the area where one rapid follows swiftly after another. After completing each rapid level, the guides give you an option of whether you want to go to the hard way or the easy way so it’s the choice of the team to decide which way to go.

White water rafting on Lake Victoria in Uganda takes about three hours and requires a maximum number of four people so as to operate and also allow travelers with their families to engage in rafting so as to explore the water and enjoy the safari.

During your white water rafting session on Lake Victoria, there are trained safety kayaks who cruise a head of the rafts with the small boats through the waves of each rapid so that when the rafts turn upside down the safety kayaks are nearby to offer support by getting you back to the raft boat.

Whitewater Rafting in Uganda
Whitewater rafting in Uganda

Rules and Regulations for Whitewater rafting in Uganda.

White water rafting in Uganda has several guidelines and rules that visitors have to follow while rafting on the water such as;

  • Wearing a life jacket or personal flotation device for safety while rafting on water
  • Listen to your guide during safety talk and on the water so as to go through the rapids safely.
  • Keep the protective gears on at all the levels such as the helmet
  • Hold the paddle properly while on the water for example one hand should be at the base of the paddle on the shaft and the other hand on the end of the shaft over the grip. 
  • Wear the right outerwear while going for rafting such as the closed shoes, sunglasses, wet suits among others.
  • Don’t panic when paddling on the raft but instead enjoy and explore the cruise.

Other Activities to do alongside Whitewater Rafting in Uganda.

For visitors doing whitewater rafting on Lake Victoria in Jinja city in Uganda, you can also take part in other interesting activities such as; Sportfishing, boat cruise, quad biking, cycling, Bungee jumping, horseback riding, Kayaking, River Bugging, Jet boating, Lazy Camping, Golf, Bird watching and community tours among others.

Visitors doing whitewater rafting in Murchison falls national park can also engage in activities such as; guide game drives, boat cruise on Albert Nile, Birding, Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest, guide nature walks, cultural encounters, top of the falls hike, sport fishing, and hot air balloon tours.

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