What to do while in the Volcanoes national park Rwanda

What to do while in the Volcanoes national park Rwanda : Have you planned a safari to volcanoes national park but are looking for a number of activities to engage in to explore this park to the fullest? There are a number of activities you can book on your visit to the Volcanoes national park. Volcanoes national park is the second smallest park in Rwanda among the other 3 national parks of the country. Rwanda has four national parks within its boundaries and this the Volcanoes national park, Gishwati Mukura national park, Nyungwe forest national park and the Akagera national park.

Each of the above mentioned national parks has an outstanding attraction that brings a number of people to their boundaries. Rwanda is a small but blessed country in terms of wildlife and culture and this can all be blended into your Rwanda safari. Akagera national park is famous for being a home to the BIG 5 animals that you will be able to see on your game drive in the park or boat cruise on the Lake Ihema. The Gishwati Mukura and the Nyungwe forest national park have a similar layout and similar attractions and the major attraction is the chimpanzees along with the rich flora in both of the parks. The Nyungwe forest is also known for its canopy walk bridge that is considered the 3rd best canopy experience in Africa. Yes! The whole of Africa.

Volcanoes national park is the most visited national park of Rwanda and this is majorly because of the mountain gorillas that stay in this park. Rwanda is one of the 3 countries that are a home to the mountain gorillas and offer the trekking experience. The neighboring Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are also home to the endangered mountain gorillas and you can also take on the mountain gorilla trekking experience in the Virunga national park of Congo and the Mgahinga gorilla national park and the Bwindi forest national park of Uganda.

You can access Volcanoes national park Rwanda by road or opt to fly. Akagera aviation offers domestic flights between destinations. Fly into Rwanda landing at the Kigali International airport and drive 2 hours on road to your hotel in the Volcanoes national park anticipating the next few days in the park.

Mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park is a trending activity in the park and there are 88 gorilla permits up for grabs on a daily basis and these are paid for online on a first come first serve basis that is why advance booking is much advised to avoid disappointments when availability on the arrival date is full. The Volcanoes national park is a home to 11 habituated gorilla families and these are the Susa, Amahoro, Karisimbi,Ugenda, Sabyinyo, Hirwa, Umubano to mention but a few and you can trek any one of these per day. The mountain gorilla trekking permit of Volcanoes national park goes for 1,500 USD per permit and this is most priced of the other destinations but the luxury experience is definitely worth it.

The mountain gorilla trekking experience every morning is flagged off by a morning briefing by the ranger guides before you enter the forest on what to expect and the code of conduct while in the forest and the trekkers then head into the forest following a ranger guide searching for these gentle giants. When you meet your gorilla family of the day, you will get to enjoy them for an hour at a 7 meters distance, take photos and videos quietly and keep in mind these are habituated but still wild animals.

Golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes national park is a must do activity if you have a number of days to spend in the park. The Volcanoes national park and the Mgahinga gorilla national park are the only national parks that offer both the mountain gorilla and golden monkey where silver meet gold experience. A golden monkey trekking permit goes for 100 USD per person and this is a less demanding activity as compared to gorilla trekking as you will see a number of these golden monkeys moving around the forest. This is a full day activity starting in the morning too and usually ends around midday.

Hiking to the Dian Fossey tomb is a great opportunity to get firsthand and more detailed information from the ranger guides on the works of Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey was a known American lady interested in the mountain gorillas’ conservation and being a primatologist, she spent almost all her time in the forest with the mountain gorillas for decades until she met her brutal death one night suspected to be by the poachers who had different interests for the gorillas.

She was laid to rest in the park and her grave is right in the middle of two of the volcanoes of the park that is the Mount Bisoke and the Mount Karisimbi next to the Karisoke Research center. This is a 6 hour hike so be ready to spend that much time in the forest. This trail is usually graced with the forest elephants, buffalos and some primates like the monkeys or a very good day, you may come across the mountain gorillas.

Hike a volcano. While in Volcanoes national park, you may choose to spice up your safari with a hike up one of the Volcanoes of the park. The park is a home to the mount Muhabura, Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Bisoke and Mount Karismbi and all depending on your interest, you may hike one of the volcanoes. All the volcanoes can be conquered on a one day hike except the Mount Karisimbi that is a 2 day hike.

What to do while in the Volcanoes national park Rwanda
What to do while in the Volcanoes national park Rwanda

Each of these volcanoes has a breathtaking view from the top and advance practice or experience is an added advantage for any of these hikes. The hike permit for the Mount Karisimbi goes for 400 USD while the other volcanoes range from 75 to 90 USD.

Take on a nature walk or mountain biking experience. This park has a lot of flora to explore on foot and all walks are guided and you get to experience the park on foot. Take a walk to the twin lakes Burera and Ruhondo, walk to the Musanze market for a chance to interact with the people of Rwanda or visit any lake to enjoy the beauty of the region.

If you prefer, you may hire a bike and head out to a number of these destinations, be sure to check out the Buhanga eco park.

Take on a cultural tour while in the Volcanoes national park to top up your safari with an authentic experience. Visit the Iby’iwachu cultural village for a chance to see the traditional set up of a Rwandan homestead and how it is run. Get entertained by the cultural dancers at the village and if you are interested you can join in on the dance.

There is also a Nyange community that offers and cultural walk in different homes to give the visitors a feel of the village life in the region. Get to interact with the Nyange community members and understand their way of living. Get in touch with us with your interest in Volcanoes national park and let us design you the ideal Volcanoes national park visit.

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