What safari activities are okay for pregnancy? This a very hard question to answer, because of many reasons but the top one being we are not doctors so we wouldn’t know what is medical best for a pregnant woman on a safari. The other thing in our life experiences we have come to find out that pregnancies are different and affect each human being in their own unique way plus we all know, after the second trimester, it will literally become hard for any one pregnant to travel or even take on a safari; so we don’t have answer for what safari activities are okay for a pregnant woman because we don’t know.

However what we know from our safari experience and expertise is that there are safari activities that are not strenuous at all and we assume those activities can be best for anyone who is pregnant. So in this article we are going to list a number of activities and we shall let you decide, which activity is good for you.

Also though we are giving suggestion we are re-echoing that we are not doctors neither are we experts on pregnancies and safaris, so we ask that before you make any decision you consult with your doctor and healthcare providers to give you a more in-depth picture and advice.

So the safari activities that are not strenuous according to our judgement are:-

Game drives

On game drives you are seated in a  car that takes you around the wild animals’ habitat and you view them in the comfort of your car. Usually game drives are done in savannah parks to view animals like lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, impalas, kobs and many more.  In East Africa 80% of the national parks have savannah wildlife and you can do a game drive in all these parks. The game drives are done in the morning, afternoon and night depending on the park.

Lion tracking

Tree climbing Lion tracking, mainly done in Uganda in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, this is similar to the game drives the only difference here is that you are looking for a specific species of lions; the tree climbing lions. Still you will stay in the comfort of your car and the guide will use a tracker to find the lions and then drive you to that spot. The beauty is that when you find the lions you will still view them in the comfort of your car.

What safari activities are okay for pregnancy?

Bird Watching

This is the activity of watching birds from a particular spot in the park or on during a game drive. Usually you are in one location and using you binoculars to sight the birds or you are moving around in a car and you are sighting birds all around the park.

Boat rides

The activity of sitting on a boat and you take a ride on the water body enjoying the fresh breeze on the water, the animals and birds and vegetation around. Usually you are seated in the boat the whole time.

Nature walks

Nature walks are walks through the park or forest to just enjoy the nature and vegetation of the park. They are usually very relaxing walks no pressure just enjoy the park scenery.

Community visits and cultural experiences

Community visits and cultural experiences are some of the outside the park experiences and here you go into the community and interact with the locals, and take part in some of the activities they are doing, join them in dances and songs, food and merry making among other things.

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