Uganda Wildlife Authority

Uganda Wildlife Authority is a government parastatal in the Republic of Uganda and is responsible for the management of the national parks in the country. There are 10 national parks, 12 wildlife reserves and 14 wildlife sanctuaries in Uganda and all these are managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The main of UWA is to conserve and manage Uganda’s wildlife on behalf of the people of Uganda and the world at large. The government organization was first established in 1996, following the merging of UNP (Uganda National Parks) and the Game Department, along with the enactment of the 2000 Uganda Wildlife Statute/Act.

UWA’s other aim is to ensure the promotion and practice of sustainable tourism and also monitor wildlife activities within and outside the protected areas in the country; hence its slogan, ‘conserving for generations.’

Uganda Wildlife Authority has its headquarters based in Kampala City, on Kira road, just opposite the Uganda National Museum. This organization works hand-in-hand with communities living within and adjacent to the national parks and wildlife reserves, in order to promote the sustainability of wildlife resources and the local people.

Uganda Wildlife Authority’s Vision is, ‘To be the leading, self-sustaining wildlife conservation agency that transforms Uganda into one of the best ecotourism destinations in Africa.’

Its mission is: “To conserve, economically develop and sustainably manage the wildlife and protected areas of Uganda in partnership with neighboring communities and other stakeholders for the benefit of the people of Uganda and the global community.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has made big strides in conserving wildlife, the national parks, and wildlife reserves, for the generations to come. Other big achievements that the organization has made include;

  • Improving the livelihoods of communities neighboring the conservation areas by creating job opportunities for the local people.
  • Donating 30% of all park entrance fees to the neighboring communities and those within the national parks.

Although the organization is playing a huge role in wildlife conservation, there are a couple of challenges that it is facing such as; 

  • Poaching of wild animals by the surrounding communities and foreign parties, 
  • Human-wildlife conflicts that leave most of the people in the neighboring communities aggravated, following the destruction of their property and crops by wild animals.
  • Wild animals attacking farms and people in the neighboring communities.
  • Stiff competition from neighboring countries like; Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is working with many organizations to help promote the tourism industry, not only in Uganda and East Africa but also in Africa and the entire world. Some of the foreign and domestic organizations that UWA is working for hand- in- hand with include; AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators), Tourism Uganda, UHOA(Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association), International Gorilla Conservation Program, The Batwa Trail, USAID to mention but a few. 

Visitors who want to acquire Uganda gorilla trekking permits can do so directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority. You will be required to present a valid ID or passport. 

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is also responsible for drafting the concession fees for tourism activities in all the national parks in the country. The organization also manages some accommodation facilities in Uganda national parks like; bandas, tents and student dormitories among others and also markets the national parks to the foreign and domestic communities.

Uganda Wildlife Authority
Elephants In Murchison Falls National Park

How to get to Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has its main offices located on plot 7 Kira road in Kamwokya, Kampala City. The organization is situated just next to the Uganda Museum and the British Council. It is situated about 2 kilometers from Kampala City Centre, which is roughly a 6-minute drive.

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