Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo

Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo : Rwanda’s twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo are a sight to see for any tourist on a Rwanda safari. These lakes are located between Musanze and the Ugandan border. 

These lakes (Burera and Ruhondo) are called twin lakes because of their close proximity to each other, as well as the fact that one lake feds into the other. Given that Lake Burera is at a slightly higher altitude (150 meters) than Lake Ruhondo, it would seem as though she is pouring her waters into the latter. The two lakes are separated by a one-kilometer stretch of land (about 2800 hectares), which was formed following the eruption of Mount Sabyinyo.

Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo
Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo in Rwanda are connected by a pipeline, inclined at 70 degrees on top of the Ntaruka hydropower plant. 

Researchers believe that the waters in both lakes Burera and Ruhondo are about 180 meters deep. The waters are regarded as safe for human activity, given the fact that they are free of predators like crocodiles.

The twin lakes are a perfect detour travel option for any traveler after a gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The twin lakes are strategically situated on the outskirts of Volcanoes National Park, just at the foothills of Mountains Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke, and Gahinga. The lakes offer perfect picturesque views, surrounded by steep and well-terraced hills, with deep blue crystal clear waters; which visitors can see from the nearby hills.

The twin lakes in Rwanda have a couple of islands which visitors can explore by boat or during a boat cruise on either lake. Some of the islands that people can get to enjoy include Muhabura, Bushongo, Bishosho, Munanira, and Cuza. There are great picnic spots on the top of the hills surrounding the lakes. Get to enjoy your picnic with loved ones, gazing at the splendid and breath-taking views of the lakes, birds and surrounding hills.

Activities done on the Twin Lakes- Burera and Ruhondo.

There are plenty of activities that visitors can do while on a tour of the twin lakes in Rwanda. Some of these include;

Canoeing and Boat Cruises: Tourists visiting the twin lakes can engage in canoeing and boat cruises on the lakes. Taking a boat trip or ride on a canoe, gives visitors the chance to explore the beautiful birdlife, as well as the surrounding lush green, and terraced hills around the lakes. A boat ride on either Lake Burera or Ruhondo can cost between USD 20-30 dollars per person. Visitors can also explore the nearby islands on the lakes such as; Bushongo, Munanira, Cuza and Bishosho. Visitors can also opt to partake in swimming or canoeing classes offered by experienced boatmen on the islands.

Community Walks/ Village tours: Visitors can also opt to take a guided walk to the nearby communities or villages on any of the islands, located on the twin lakes. During these community/ village visits, visitors get a chance to interact with the local people, watch performances from the local entertainment groups, listen to folktales told by the elders in the communities and learn a lot more about the culture and history of Rwanda and her people. 

Farm tours: Travelers can also get to explore farms in the nearby islands. During a farm tour, visitors can take part in farming activities such as digging and harvesting crops, fruits, tea and coffee. Visitors also get to enjoy a locally, home-made meal with a host family.

Birding: Rwanda’s twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo are rich in bio-diversity, with quite a number of bird species in the area. This is a great place to be for bird watching activities. Visitors on a birding expedition can sight some species of birds such as; the cormorant, Kingfisher, darters, and Hamerkop among others.

Fishing: Tourists visiting the twin lakes of Rwanda can also engage in fishing activities on the lakes. Visitors are taught how to use local fishing methods by the local fishermen on the islands. Visitors who want to partake in fishing activities on the lake can also bring their own fishing equipment along.

Other activities that visitors can opt to do when visiting the twin lakes include; nature walks, biking, and camping.

Best time to visit Rwanda’s Twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo.

Travelers who wish to visit Rwanda’s twin lakes can do so at any time of the year. Visits to either Lake Burera or Lake Ruhondo are available all throughout the year. Visitors can contact their trusted tour operators and organize a visit to the lakes.

Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo
Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo

How to get to the Twin Lakes in Rwanda.

Visitors who wish to explore Rwanda’s twin lakes will have to travel by road. The twin lakes can easily be accessed from Volcanoes National Park. These lakes are located about an hour from Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. Those traveling from Kigali City will have to drive 99km to get to Lake Burera, which is about a 2½ hour drive. Visitors traveling from Kigali will have to drive to the closest town to Lake Burera, which is Cyeru, located about 11km from the lake. Driving from Cyeru town to Lake Burera will take approximately 32 minutes.

The twin lakes can also be accessed by visitors traveling from Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. Travelers can easily access either one of the twin lakes from Uganda, using the Cyanika Road from Kisoro district in Uganda. It will take about 1½ hour drive to get to Lake Burera and about an hour to arrive at Lake Ruhondo.

Rwanda’s twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo are undeniably beautiful and any tourist visiting Rwanda should make it a point to include a visit to the twin lakes in your tour itinerary. 

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