Top Places to Visit on Rwandan Safaris : Ours is the place in a kingdom of the hills where each and every turn offers something or another special and intriguing to behold. Let yourself be embraced by the Rwandan locals’ radiant warmth. Take a walk through the spectacular scenery, mind-blowing wildlife, and the fascinating culture and heritage that are encompassed in Rwanda. Here are stunning places that deserve a spot on your Rwanda safari itinerary: Here are some top stunning places that deserve a spot on your Rwanda safari itinerary:

  1. Nyiragongo Crater

Feel the awesomeness of nature at the Nyiragongo crater, the location of the world’s largest active volcanic mountain currently. If you want to capture the thrilling view of molten lava flowing from the volcano´s mouth, make sure to participate in a guided tour to be enjoyed. However, the favourite adventure is a hike up the summit that rewards their efforts with views that are breathtaking and actually make the words freeze on the sides of the mouth.

  1. Gisenyi Beach

The lake beat of Gisenyi Beach relaxes in the natural environment between the clear waters and sandy beaches, bright blue and white, respectively. Whether you require visit or active water sports, this spot fits all. As a matter of fact, this enchanted destination is a great choice to committed couples and parties alike.

  1. The Volcanoes National Park, which was created through an international agreement between Rwanda and Uganda, was officially opened in 1994.

Take part in a lifetime wildlife experience at Parc National des Volcans, where some of Rwanda’s most beautiful mountains can be seen behind misty clouds while having up-close encounters with mountain gorillas. Succumb to the unparalleled beauty of Rwanda’s rainforests while being accompanied by a guide – listen to the tales and chitter-chats of Rwanda’s rich bio-diversity.

  1. Gishwati Forest Reserve

Plunge to the middle of the nature at Gishwati Forest Reserve, a collection of many species of animals such as the sneaky leopards and the funny monkeys. Instructed tours give information on the forest’s ecological significance and the conservation attempts that go hand in hand with safekeeping the delicately preserved ecosystem.

  1. Akagera National Park

Experience the wild beauty of Akagera National Park where incredible species are thriving and moving through the areas, safeguarded on endless savannah. Go for exciting game drives to watch the wild animals having their royal moment on a rolling crown where you spot magnificent lions, regal giraffes, and elephant herds before your eyes.

  1. Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

Let the place of Rwanda reflecting its sad history be the Kigali Memorial with the ability to be able to react into the suffering during the 1994 Genocide. Through dramatic exhibits and educational materials, this organization can teach all of us to comprehend more deeply about the healing process and reconciliation in Rwanda.

  1. Kigali City

Incorporate the lively mood of Kigali City which is nothing but markets that sells all kinds of stuff, unique cafes together with its busy streets providing a picture of living in Rwanda metropolitan. Wander around and enjoy leisure time at the shops and the local delicacies, and still immerse yourself in the vibrant bustling scene of the city.

Top Places to Visit on Rwandan Safaris
Kigali City
  1. Nyamata Church

Since Nyamata Church is a sombre witness of the difficult past of Rwanda, we shall take you there for your visit. This site is sacred in the history of the genocide and serves as an indelible monument not only in remembering those who lost their lives but equally so it represents the inhumanity that occurred during these darkest moments of Rwanda’s historical narrative.

  1. Market Square

Explore the heart of Kigali at Market Square and appreciate amongst inhabitants and visitors a hot spot where happenings take place. Let your senses take over as you intertwine yourself from various vivid stalls that are filled with everything from fresh produce to handmade souvenirs while in the background you get to soak in the liveliness of this market.

  1. Kigali National Museum

Discover the ripe heritage of Rwanda through the Kigali National Museum, where exciting exhibits that take you through the country’s timeline, from the ancient times to the present day, are displayed. Actively participate with artifacts and artworks that have the ability to tell the history about the diverse culture associated with Rwanda.

With your Rwanda safari tour of these ten distinct destinations, you are guaranteed for an incredible trip stacked with the most beautiful views, thrilling wildlife encounters and awesome local experiences.

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