Tipping in Uganda during your gorilla trekking safari: Tipping is not mandatory in Uganda, but many visitors do, and this extra money helps raise the income of those working in the tourism sector. You may tip a restaurant 10 percent for outstanding service, and you can pay a taxi driver by rounding up your fare, while on Uganda Gorilla Trekking tour.

Tipping drivers, safari and gorilla tracking guides, and porters is customary at the end of a safari or walk. You can tip guides between USD$10 and $20 per day each visitor, porters between $5 and $10, and private drivers between $20 and $30 per day for the group. Most visitors offer tips for the lodge personnel (US$5 to US$10 per guest), and many lodges have their own tip box where you may deposit money to be distributed amongst the workers.

Tipping in Uganda During Your Gorilla Trekking Safari
Tipping in Uganda During Your Gorilla Trekking Safari

Should you leave a tip during your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda?

Yes, tipping when possible is highly encouraged. Why? Because the majority of individuals in your service chain are paid so little that they can barely make ends meet. A tip can help augment their income and improve their life and the lives of their direct dependents.

Who should you tip during your Uganda gorilla trekking safari?

The individuals you should tip are those who truly earn it, and these are the people you will interact with frequently, as well as those who make a visible effort to ensure that you receive excellent service;

Your Safari Driver Guide:

If you’re on a guided tour, consider the tour driver to be your closest confidant. This is the individual who will ensure that you have a fantastic trip. He or she provides a wealth of information on places, things, and people in the area. He or she will also make certain that you travel securely.

Destination Site/Park Guides:

At some destination sites such as national park and game reserves, you will be greeted by a guide who will walk you through an activity or site, offering knowledge and ensuring you have a good time. For example, during gorilla trekking, chimp trekking, and other active excursions, you will be accompanied by a guide. Guides are also available in museums, monuments, art galleries, and local attractions.


 These are a constant throughout your gorilla trekking safari, at your hotels and at restaurants while in transit.


During the journey, porters are available for hire for $15 per day to carry bags and provide assistance in tough conditions. You can tip the porter an additional charge at the conclusion of the activity.

Security Guards at the parks, hotels and lodges:

Security officers will be stationed at lodgings to guard the gates, and you will be allocated security guards for trekking activities in the park. Security guards are sometimes disregarded when it comes to tipping because there isn’t much interaction with them, yet they do an excellent job of safeguarding your safety. They are also among the lowest paid.

Tipping in Uganda During Your Gorilla Trekking Safari
Tipping on a Uganda

How much should you tip during your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda?

As far as the amount required to tip during your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, it is quite important to consider where you are coming from and your tipping culture back at home. This will act as a great guide on determining exactly how much you should tip during your safari. Tour drivers can be tipped ranging from $10-$15 per day per tourist, and destination guides can be tipped ranging from $15-$20 per tourist. Waiter, waitresses and other hotel/lodge staff can be tipped $5 per tourist. When tipping porters at the national parks such as Bwindi national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, you can tip your porter between $5-$10.

Best Time to tip in Uganda during your gorilla trekking safari.

The best time to tip someone is after you have received a service for which you are pleased or grateful.

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