The Source of the Nile

The Source of the Nile  : The source of the world’s longest river is found in Jinja district in Uganda. Jinja is a 2-hour drive from the capital city, Kampala on-road, and a few minutes in the air. The father of all African rivers originates from Lake Victoria which also doubles as the biggest freshwater lake in Africa and the second in the world after Lake Superior in the United States of America. The name “Nile” was derived from the ancient Greek Neilos which means a river valley. The need to discover the source of this marvel made many Europeans organize expeditions to Uganda. The first European to discover the source was John Hannington Speke on 3rd August 1858 on an excursion sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society of England. At the exact point where the river waters separate from lake waters. A monument was established to recollect these events and on your visit, the tour guide will explain in detail.  Since the river flowed with black residue the ancient Egyptians referred to it as River Aur meaning “black”.

River Nile is 9 kilometers deep and measures 6,696 kilometers going through four African countries before it pours its water in the Mediterranean sea in Egypt. This is a natural wonder on the African continent with a basin of 3.4 kilometers squared that drains the water in 11 African countries including Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi Eritrea, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is divided into two main segments namely, the Blue Nile and White Nile. The Blue Nile originates from the Ethiopian Highlands joining the White Nile in Sudan. However the different segments in Uganda are also called Victoria and Albert Nile respectively.

River Nile starts its journey with Rippon falls but unfortunately these were submerged after the construction of the hydro-electric Owen Falls Dam. At the spot where waters separate, a poster was positioned and tourists can reach with help of motorised local boats available at the river bank. The source of the Nile is located in Jinja, another very vibrant town after the capital city and tourism hotspot.

You will be welcomed to a very serene atmosphere with tranquillity at the source of the Nile. Once there a lot of thrilling activities await you, activities that should be on anyone’s bucket list.

White water rafting: White water rafting is the one of the prime activities at the source of River Nile. This activity is carried out during the entire year, thanks to Uganda’s beautiful equatorial climate. The rapids on River Nile provide a unforgettable experience.

The Source of the Nile
The Source of the Nile

Horse Riding: If you fancy horses then the source of the Nile got you. Along the river bank is great vicinity with farmland where tourist pay a small fee to get riding on horses. You can also be taught how to ride them if you haven’t rode before.

Quad Biking: There isn’t a better way to spend a sunny afternoon in the outskirts of Jinja than quad biking. Riding through the neighborhood through the locals with the happy children cheering you on as you cruise past them. The ambiance is worth it because you get to view more about the traditional set up of African homes.

Bungee Jumping: At almost 40 meters high a tourist can get to kiss the splashing waters of the mighty river through the Bungee Jump experience. It is completely safe and well structured to prevent any accidents and even when you afraid of heights, this is a momentous experience.

Swimming: The waters are free from dangerous animals like Hippos and crocodiles making them susceptible to swimmers. It’s important to note that only those good at swimming can swim because the water moves a fast pace and also swimming is at swimmer’s risk.

Kayaking: done on the low water level where people positioned in the boat paddle in both directions simultaneously in order to move. Since the boat moves at a slow speed, the traveler gets ample time to glimpse all the vegetation around and the different bird species.

The Tourist is encouraged to make bookings earlier to enjoy these epic experiences.

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