The One & Only Nyungwe House resides at the edge of the Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda as an exquisite and luxurious oasis. This high end resort has twenty two roomy and elegant rooms and suites that were nestled inside five wooden villas which were renovated and reclassified as a five star hotel in 2017 by the acclaimed One & Only Group to become the best luxury resort in the region

A mix of nature and luxury.

The lodge’s architecture, mainly wood made, creates an atmosphere of luxury, which smoothly blends in with the green carpet of the rain forest. The One and Only Nyungwe House is a true rarity that takes visitors among the forest buffer zone, making it a unique appointment with nature at full luxury.


The lodge lies within the green cradle of the mysterious Nyungwe Forest National Park, a rainforest dating millions of years. Guests breathe the crisp mountain air, glance at Ruwenzori Colobus monkeys as well as grey cheeked mangabeys here.

Where Romance and Nature Intertwine

It is more than just a travel as a romantic destination for honey mooning couples where Rwandan wildernesss perpetuate the love eternal through eternity. This is a journey of romance, in which the leaves stir and their murmurings go together with the murmurs of love, giving an indelible picture for lovers searching for everlasting recollections.

The Heart of RwandaThe one and only Nyungwe house is located in southwest Rwanda along the windy Gisakura main road in Nyamasheke district that provides easy access inside the soul of a country. This is essentially a journey of sorts that brings to light Rwanda’s rich history; it entails passing through districts like Kamonyi, Muhanga, Nyanza, Butere, and Nyamgabe which are all part of Rwanda’s heritage trails. The journey is filled with sights and sounds as one passes through the verdant inland and reaches Lake Kivu, which leads to this unique haven.

One & Only Nyungwe House
One & Only Nyungwe House

Unraveling the Experiences

One & Only Nyungwe House weaves a myriad of experiences, each as vibrant and diverse as the forest itself:

  • The Tea adventure: Enter the world of Rwandan tea, discovering the subtle skill of picking tealeaves whilst the fragrance breathes through the tea garden.
  • Primate Encounters: Move deep within the forest as you follow the footsteps of great Chimpanzees and Black and White Colobus monkeys, a wild dance of primordial nobility with Mother Nature.
  • Birds collection: The area around the lodge is a painting ground for nature’s bird musicians who perform a spectacular palette of sounds under experienced guidance for ornithologists.
  • Biking: Cross the dense network of paths meandering in the thicket, while the lush canopy overhead hums its tender dirge for these brave souls venturing into nature’s complicated web.
  • Waterfalls and Community tours: Visit waterfalls falling downwards, and see how silent can be the sounds of Mother Nature’s calm, while interacting with the local community that will tell you about their history.
  • Soulful experience: Let the beautiful songs of birds soothe you inside the turquoise swimming pool of the lodge, the forest observing the peaceful change that takes place within you.

The pricing is adjustable according to the seasons, is in line with the demand led cycle of the sector. The journey starts with careful planning as a guiding star that makes sure you navigate into mother-nature’s arms properly.


The saga is felt in every moment as Africa’s beauty, and nature come together at a level beyond imagination. Get ready to discover the true essence of Rwanda, experience Nyungwe’s wilderness for yourself, and let One & Only Nyungwe House be taken as a tour guide.

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