Musanze Caves | Volcanoes National Park

Musanze Caves are one of the top tourist attractions in Volcanoes National Park which is usually added to the itinerary for the Rwanda Tourists. Anyone who has visited volcanoes national park in Rwanda will tell you that a Rwanda safari is not complete without a visit to Musanze. These caves are located at the foothills of volcanoes national park, in Ruhengeri district.

Musanze Caves
Musanze Caves Safaris

Travelers can pay a visit to Musanze caves after a gorilla trekking activity in volcanoes national park. Gorilla trekking activities in the national park usually take an entire day, meaning that visitors can choose to do an evening hike to the caves after trekking gorillas.

The caves are located in Ruhengeri district in the northern province of Rwanda, about 22km from Musanze town. Visitors will have to travel for 39 minutes from the town, before finally reaching the caves.

There are estimated to be around 32 caves spread along the foothills of volcanoes national park in Rwanda and about 52 caves in total that are found within the northern province of the country.

These caves are believed to have been formed as a result of volcanic eruptions that took place about 65 million years ago. The caves make part of the five out of eight volcano mountains in the Virunga Massif, and these include; Muhabura, Karisimbi, Bisoke, Sabyinyo, and Gahinga mountains.

In 2013, the Musanze caves were officially made a tourism product by the Rwanda Development Board and opened to the general public for viewing. Tourists from all parts of the world travel to volcanoes national park in Rwanda, in order to explore these magnificent caves.

Musanze caves offer travelers great and dazzling sites with ideal spots for taking pictures. The caves are 2km long beneath the earth’s surface, with improved trails, walkways, and stairs that lead visitors into the dark interior of the caves.

Travelers who have had an opportunity to visit these caves will tell you that being inside the caves ignite in one, the feeling of being in a creepy house with numerous corridors and rooms. The dark parts of these caves harbor countless bats, which let out a light noise at the sight of light.

Tourists visiting the caves are always provided with a helmet, headlight, gloves and a mask before hiking to Musanze caves. A lot has been done by the Rwanda Development Board to ensure the safety of tourist visiting the caves. Musanze caves have since 2013, undergone a major facelift such as; creating better hiking trails and walkways, as well as steeps to help visitors easily explore the caves.

These Caves in volcanoes national park in Rwanda, hold a historical and cultural significance in the lives of the people of Rwanda. Visitors paying a visit to these caves are usually guided by local guides, who take clients through a 2-3 hour tour of the caves; and clearly explain the rich history of the caves.

Most tour operators in Rwanda usually combine a hike Musanze caves with a gorilla trekking tour in Volcanoes National Park. A visit to Musanze caves will cost one 50 USD for foreign non-residents and 30 USD for foreign residents.

Where to stay when visiting Musanze Caves.

Tourists visiting Musanze caves in volcanoes national park can find accommodation in; Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Gorilla Nest Lodge, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Virunga Lodge, Muhabura Hotel and Kinigi Guesthouse among others.

Best Time to Visit Musanze Caves in Volcanoes National Park.

Visitors can visit the caves at any given time of the year, although it would be best to visit these caves between July to September and December to February when it is the dry season in Volcanoes National Park.

Musanze Caves
Musanze Caves

How to get to the Musanze in Volcanoes National Park.

These caves are located just 121km from Kigali City, which is about a 2½ hour drive to the caves. The caves are situated just 2km from Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, and hence can be easily visited by tourists after gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park.

The caves in volcanoes national park offer visitors a brief insight into the cultural lifestyle and history of the Rwandan people. Visitors who wish to visit these caves can combine it with a gorilla trekking tour in Volcanoes National Park.

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