Lake Kivu Serena Hotel – Accommodation in Rwanda

lake Kivu Serena hotel : Rwanda is regarded as the ‘land of a thousand hills.’ Most first time visitors flying into the country are always taken aback by her beauty, clean streets in Kigali city, the lush green hills and dazzling crystal lakes in the countryside. This beautiful and yet small country is strategically located with both East and Central Africa, with its neighbors as Uganda in the north, Burundi to the south, Tanzania to the east, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to its west. Rwanda is rising among the top tourism and business destinations on the African continent. The country has four national parks which are; Volcanoes national park, Akagera national park, Nyungwe national park, and the newly created Gishwati-Mukura national park.

Lots of visitors fly into Rwanda to take part in exciting tourism activities such as gorilla trekking, wildlife safari game drives, chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey tracking, guided nature walks, city tour, community cultural experiences, camping, and fishing among others. There is a lot for visitors to do while on vacation in Rwanda.

Rwanda also has quite a number of accommodation facilities that carter for all kinds of visitors and are really pocket friendly. Visitors spending longer days in the Rwanda can find accommodation in all parts of the country, and these range from budget to mid-range and luxury facilities. Accommodation options range from hotels, motels, lodges, guesthouses and camps.

lake Kivu serena hotel
lake Kivu serena hotel

One of the best accommodation options is the Hotel, which is located in Gisenyi town in the western province of Rwanda. The four star hotel is located just 2.7 kilometers from Kigali Independent University and just a 2 minute drive from Rwanda Tourism University College. The hotel is situated just 4 minutes away from Gisenyi International Airport by road. The hotel is also located near Gisenyi Beach which is a plus for visitors who would love to relax and unwind at the beach.

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel in Gisenyi is a mid-range accommodation facility, with 30 air conditioned guest rooms that are available for guests staying at the hotel. The rooms are quite spacious with amenities such as; a private bath, en-suite bathrooms, soaking tub, hair dryer, Wi-Fi, satellite TV channels, room service, free crib rentals, a safe and private balcony.

The hotel features other amenities such as; a fitness gym that is opened 24/7, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa, business and conference centers, an airport shuttle, a 24 hour front desk service, a gift shop, concierge services, childcare services, and a bellhop among others. Guests who wish to hire the hotel’s childcare services and airport shuttle services will have to pay an additional fee.

The Hotel in Rwanda, has a fine and ethnic restaurant that serves both British and local Rwandan delicacies depending on the tastes and preferences of its guests. The hotel also has a well- stocked bar that is opened 24 hours, and is a great place for visitors looking to relax and unwind with friends and family after a long day of travelling and touring.

Visitors staying at the hotel can engage in a number of interesting activities such as; swimming, massage, fitness activities in the hotel’s well equipped gym, nature walks in the gardens, terrace and beach to mention but a few.

Visitors staying in the hotel are not allowed to stay with pets nor any other domestic animals. The check-in time for visitors planning to stay in the hotel is 3pm to midnight, and the check-out time is 12pm.

Guests planning to hire the hotel’s airport shuttle services are required to give the hotel prior notice of their arrivals date and time for proper planning and to avoid any last minute inconveniences.

 Areas of Interest at Lake Kivu Serena Hotel.

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel has a few attractions where a tourist can take a tour and these include;

  • Gisenyi Beach

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel is located within close proximity to Gisenyi beach. A guest can easily access the beach since it’s only a minute’s walk from the hotel. One can enjoy water sport activities while at the beach.

lake Kivu serena hotel
lake Kivu serena hotel
  • Volcanoes National Park

The Hotel is a 9 minute drive to Volcanoes National Park. Visitors can take part in some activities offered by the park such as; gorilla trekking, guided nature walks, bird watching, golden monkey trekking, volcano climbing, caving and cultural tours. It is important to note that visitors can only make prior bookings for the above mentioned activities at the park’s headquarters since these activities are not organized by the hotel itself.

  • Musanze Caves

The Musanze caves are 62 minute drive from Lake Kivu Serena Hotel. The caves were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions that occurred 65 million years ago. The Musanze Caves are 2 kilometers long beneath the earth’s surface and have 31 entrances.

Others places of interest that tourists can enjoy from Lake Kivu Serena Hotel include; Rwanda Tourism University College and Kigali Independent University.

How to Get To Lake Kivu Serena Hotel.

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel can be accessed by road from Gisenyi Airport which a 4 minute drive to the hotel and about a 2½ hour drive from Kigali International Airport, covering a distance of 166 kilometers.

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel is a mid- range hotel that also offers both low budget accommodation to tourists staying at the hotel. The hotel is a recommended stop for an overnight stay for tourists heading to Volcanoes National Park.

In conclusion, visitors who wish to stay at hotel can make their reservations by contacting the hotel prior to their arrival using the contact information on the hotel’s booking form. Lake Kivu Serena hotel is a mid-range accommodation facility that offers its guests quality services to ensure that your stay is very pleasant and memorable.

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