Kyaninga Lodge In Kibale: Kyaninga Lodge is situated one of the top luxury safari lodges in Uganda. The lodge is located in Fort Portal district near Kibale National Park and is about an hour’s drive to the park’s headquarters at Kanyanchu Visitors’ center.

Kyaninga lodge in Kibale forest national park is established at the foot of the renowned Rwenzori Mountains on the edge of an extinct volcanic crater lake.  The lodge is a great place to spend a night or two for visitors doing chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park, as well as those travelling to or from national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park in Kasese, Rwenzori Mountains national park and Semuliki national park.

Kyaninga Lodge In Kibale
Kyaninga Lodge In Kibale

The Lodge was constructed with an African blend to it using sourced materials from the nearby local communities.  The lodge consists of nine exclusive cottages and a main building that is strategically positioned on a rock offering guests at the lodge spectacular views of Kyaninga Crater Lake as well as the neighboring Rwenzori mountain ranges.

The cottages are very spacious and each consists of an en-suite private bathroom, fitted with a bathtub. Every cottage has been built with a private terrace overlooking beautiful hills and offers visitors stunning views of Kyaninga Crater Lake, Rwenzori Mountain Ranges, and neighboring tea estates.

All the nine cottages at Kyaninga lodge in Kibale national park are connected to the main lodge building with the wooden walk ways. Guests staying at the lodge are each provided with an umbrella in case it rains. Each room at the lodge also has three power points where one can charge their electronic gadgets.

The main building at the lodge consists of a lounge, an open fire place where one can sit in the evening for warmth while sipping on a glass of wine. The main building also has a dining area where guest have their meals from. The meals served at the lodge’s restaurant include both local dishes made of foods obtained from our local market and European cuisine. There is also Wi-Fi connection for guests who need internet services.

Kyaninga Lodge In Kibale
Kyaninga Lodge In Kibale

Other amenities at Kyaninga lodge in Kibale national park include a stunning swimming pool overlooking Kyaninga Lake and even solar power to provide guests with hot water and electricity throughout your stay at the lodge.  The lodge also has a well-stocked bar in the main lounge area where guests can have a chilled cocktail drink, relax and unwind after a long day of trekking chimpanzees in Kibale national park.

Activities to do during your stay at Kyaninga Lodge in Kibale National Park.

Chimpanzee trekking

Guests staying at Kyaninga lodge can do chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park. Chimpanzee trekking in the park is conducted at 7am every morning or in the afternoon hours at 1pm.  The park is a popular destination for chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda.  Visitors interested in chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park will have to purchase a chimpanzee trekking permit which costs USD 200 for foreign nonresidents, USD 150 for foreign residents and UGX 150,000 for Easter African community members. The park also offers chimpanzee habituation activities which gives visitors an opportunity to spend the entire day with chimpanzees. A chimpanzee habituation permit costs USD 250 per person and can be purchased directly from the UWA reservations office in Kampala or through your trusted tour operator company.

Kyaninga Lodge In Kibale
Kyaninga Lodge In Kibale

Guide Nature walk

Guided nature walks at Kyaninga lodge will give you an opportunity to explore the beautiful Kyaninga Crater Lake which is about an hour’s hike from the lodge. This walk is so rewarding with fascinating views of the stunning fauna and flora species along the shores of the lake. During your guided nature walk, you will get to visit neighboring communities and farmlands thus giving you an opportunity to mingle with the friendly locals in the area. Other areas worth exploring during your stay at the lodge include Kasenda and Ndali crater lakes.

 Bird Watching

Bird watching at Kyaninga lodge in Kibale national park is just perfect especially for guests who love birding. Given the lodge’s strategic location within Kibale forest, there are a variety of bird species that can be sighted during one’s stay at the lodge like; White-winged Warbler, White-collared Oliveback, the Yellow-spotted Barbet and the Black-crowned Waxbill among others

How to get to Kyaninga Lodge in Kibale National Park.

The lodge can be accessed by road by visitors travelling from Kampala which takes about 5 to 6 hours of driving. Once you get to Mpanga Bridge, simply turn northwards and drive about 8 kilometers to Kyaninga lodge. The lodge can also be accessed from Fort Portal town which takes about 20 minutes to get to the lodge.

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