Entrance fees for  Murchison falls national park

Entrance fees to Murchison falls national park : To access Murchison falls national park like any other protected area in Uganda, the Uganda wildlife Authority has stipulated a certain fee to be levied on people, buses, ferry crossing, aircraft landing, among others before entering the park. The revenue collected is later on used in conservation process thus boosting the tourism sector in Uganda. Protected areas in Uganda vary from national park, game reserves, sanctuaries, zoos among others.


Below are details for all the park entrance fees for Murchison falls national park for 2019

  1. Entrance Fees levied on persons in Murchison falls national park

The fee is levied   on people according to their residence status, age, and number of days to spend in the park. Foreign Non Resident access the park at a cost of $40 per person, foreign residents pay $30 for the entrance permit per person, and East African community members pay UgX 20,000 to access Murchison falls national park. The above fee is for adults. However, the children (between 5-15 years) also have their own fee for the entrance in Murchison falls which include; $20 for foreign Nonresidents, $10 for foreign residents and UgX.5000 for the east African community members. However, the Ugandan pupils have their own charge of UgX.3000 while the Ugandan students from the university and other tertiary institutes. These charges for entrance are exclusive of the activities to be done inside the park and they are charged on a daily basis. In case a person stays in the park for more than 24hours, an additional charge applies and will be charged for the extra days spent inside.

Entrance fees to Murchison falls national park
Murchison Falls National Park Entrance

However, UWA stipulated the annual park entrance fees which are only valid for Foreign Residents and east African community members only and the fee is categorized according to the classes of people as different classes pay different fees but to obtain this entrance pass for the full year, one needs to present a valid work permit as below,

  • Individuals who wish to access the park annually are charged a cost of $350 per person and UgX.150, 000 for East African Community members.
  • The couples who wish to access the park for the whole year are entitled to a fee of $500 for foreign residents and UgX. 200,000 for East African community members.
  • The annual park entrance fee for the corporate is $1,500 for Foreign Residents and UgX. 2,500,000 for East African members
  • Uganda Wildlife Authority stipulated an annual entrance pass for a family with maximum 4 children at $700 for foreign residents and UgX. 300,000 for east Africans.
  • A foreign Resident tour operator is charged $ 50 per annum whereas the east African tour operators are charged UgX. 125,000 for the entire year.
  • Safari guides and taxi drivers to the park must be east Africans and they are charged UgX .100,000 to access the park annually whereas the tour company drivers access the park free of charge at any time.
  1. Entrance fees for vehicles in Murchison falls national park

All vehicles entering passing through Murchison Falls Park pay a certain fee as set by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The fee is paid according to the type of vehicles and the size as explained below;

 The tour company vehicle and all 4×4 safari vehicles pay $150 for Foreigns whereas the Ugandan registered tour company vehicles pay UgX. 30,000 to access the park. This amount is paid only once during the ENTRY and EXIT is free of charge.

All pick-ups, minibuses and Omni buses crossing or entering the park are charged $50 for foreigners and UgX.15, 000 for East African Saloon cars pay $40 for foreigners whereas East Africans pay UgX 10,000. East African school buses are charged UgX. 50,000 to enter the park. However, foreign school buses aren’t allowed into the park. Over landers, Buses and Lorries for foreigners pay $150 before entering or passing through the park whereas, over landers for East Africans pay Ugx.100, 000 and the east African buses and Lorries pay UgX. 150,000 as the entrance fee before entering into the park. Delivery vehicles for East Africans are charged UgX 20,000 as the entrance fee before entering the park.

  1. Ferry crossing fees

The ferry crossing fee is paid according to the weighs in tones and size of the vehicles that are crossing using the ferry. This ferry always has designated time of crossing meaning that late comers are at a risk of missing the ferry and waiting for the next turn.

Vehicles weighing 2 tones and below are charged UgX.20, 000, vehicles weighing between 2-5 tones are charged UgX.40,000 for ferry crossing whereas the vehicles with weight between 5-10 tones pay UgX.80,000 and the vehicles weighing between 10-20 tones pays UgX. 150,000. Motor cycles crossing the ferry pays UgX. 5000 the same applies to passengers.

The above ferry fees are charged per vehicles. However, all the vehicle drivers, school buses and students are allowed to cross on the ferry free of charge.

  1. Air craft landing fees in Murchison falls national park

All the Aircrafts landing in Murchison falls national park pay a specific fee depending on the sizes and the numbers of seats they have. This amount is paid every time the plane lands at the park

All Gliders and microlights are charged $10 for foreigners per landing whereas the east Africans are charged UgX.20, 000 per landing at the park.  A three Seater plane pays $ 20 for all foreigners both residents and nonresident while the three Seater for east Africans pays UgX.40, 000, Four to six Seater pays $40 for foreigners and UgX.80, 000 for east Africans every time pays $30 dollars for foreigners and UgX.60,000 for east Africans  per landing. A 7-14 it lands on Murchison falls national park. A 15-20 Seater pays $50 for foreigners and UgX. 100,000 for East Africans per landing. A 21 Seater and above pays $60 for foreigners and UgX. 120,000 for East Africans per landing.

Entrance fees to Murchison falls national park
Murchison Falls Entrance

However, Helicopters are charged $100 for foreign residents, $125 for foreign nonresidents and UgX.250, 000 for east Africans per landing. The aircraft parking fees per day is at a cost of UgX. 10,000

How best can one access Murchison falls park?

Murchison Falls Park can be accessed either by road using the bus, shuttle, private car, or by air using the plane.

By road: Murchison falls national park is 283km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda which is a 4-5 hours’ drive in a private vehicle and 374km from Entebbe international airport which is about 6-7 hours’ drive  considering the traffic and other stopovers along the way. This is due to the fact that several visitor on a Murchison falls trip normally chose to pass by the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to trek the white rhinos before proceeding to the park. However, others prefer visiting the park and trekking the rhinos on their way back to Kampala. Wish to trek rhinos and have the best Murchison falls safari?, then look no further than booking a 4 days Murchison falls safari with us to have a glance at the big 4 in one park alongside the fifth one at Ziwa rhino sanctuary to sum up the game of Big 5.

By Air: Visitors who choose to fly from either Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airfield have to land in pakuba and then have a 45min -1 hour drive to the park entrance. These flights are offered by Fly Uganda and aero link Uganda offer the best round trip flights from Entebbe to pakuba then from pakuba to Entebbe airport

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