Cape Buffalo in Uganda

Cape Buffalo is one of the most sought after wildlife animals on the African Continent. Also known as the “African buffalo,” the Cape buffalo can be found in any of the savannah national parks in Uganda and can best be viewed by tourists on a guided game drive.

How big is a Cape Buffalo?

The Cape buffalo can reach a height of 165cm (65” feet) at the shoulder and weigh in at 680kg (1500lbs). The Cape buffalo is no wonder one of Africa’s “Big Five.” Although they are herbivores, feeding almost exclusively on grass, buffalos are known to be one of the most dangerous species in Uganda thanks to their unpredictable and defensive nature. They will happily trample a lion who threatens to attack! According to statistics, it is believed that the Cape buffalo kills about 200 people every year.

Visitors to Uganda needn’t worry about getting caught in a stampede however; the buffalos’ poor ability to regulate body temperature means that throughout the hot equator days they are most commonly found wallowing in mud or water. This makes them easy to view at close range during a launch trip.

Subspecies of Buffalo that exist in Uganda.

There are two subspecies of buffalo that exist in Uganda namely; the larger savannah buffalo and the smaller forest buffalo. They live in two types of groups -family herds, which contain mainly females and calves; and bachelor herds. A herd of Cape buffalos can contain several hundred individuals.

What is the lifespan of the Cape buffalo in Uganda?

Cape buffalos in Uganda can live for up to 15 to 25 year in the wild. However, their lifespan in the wild is under threat due to continuous poaching in Uganda’s national parks.

Factors threatening the existence of the Cape buffalo in Uganda?

Aside from Poaching, the existence of the Cape buffalo in Uganda’s savannah parks is being threatened by factors such as; large-scale deforestation, encroachment on their habitat by locals, and diseases like foot and mouth disease. 

Where to find Cape Buffalos in Uganda.

The Cape buffalo can be seen by visitors exploring any of the savannah national parks in Uganda, and these include; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park. However, visitors looking to see Cape buffaloes in abundance should head to Kidepo Valley National Park located in the far northeastern part of Uganda.

Forest Buffalos do exist in Uganda although they are quite hard to spot because they are solitary; this also makes them quite dangerous to approach. Forest buffaloes in Uganda can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Kibale Forest National Park.

Other wildlife you can view in Uganda.

Visitors on a wildlife viewing safari in Uganda can view lots of other wildlife species such as; antelopes, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, Sitatunga, mongoose, lions, leopards, hyenas etc. and primates like mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys and various species of birds like the Rare Shoebill stork.

Cape Buffalo in Uganda
African Cape Buffalo

Activities offered to tourists in Uganda.

There is plenty for tourists to do while on vacation in Uganda. Some of the interesting activities offered in Uganda’s national parks include; Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest National Park, Game drive safaris, Boat cruises, Horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park, Birding, Community Cultural Tours, White-water Rafting, Guided nature walks, and Sport fishing to mention but a few.

Best Time to Visit Uganda.

Amidst the on-going travel restrictions that have been enforced in different countries due to the covid-19 pandemic, many visitors would like to travel in order to escape the boredom during quarantine. Uganda is a safe destination to travel to despite the coronavirus pandemic- the best time to visit Uganda is during the dry/hot seasons which are between June to September and December to February. This is also a perfect time to view wildlife such as the Cape buffalo in Uganda.

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