Bwindi vs Volcanoes : In this context, only very few can match the magic feeling of tracking down mountain gorillas. This enchanting adventure unfolds in a mere three countries on Earth: In Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic republic of Congo. Nevertheless, the throbbing pulse of this expedition is heard most powerfully in Uganda and Rwanda, while DR Congo’s ceaseless turmoil makes it impassable by reason of warnings and thus hardly traveled because of security reasons.

A Tale of Gorilla Trekking

Within Uganda’s verdant embrace lie two sanctuaries of wonder: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park respectively. However, volcano national park of mystic nature is associated with Rwanda. Amidst this profusion of natural splendor, a conundrum arises for intrepid travelers: selecting the final gorillas safari in Africa proves an exciting but tricky undertaking.

Access Routes: A Journey of Choices

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park presents itself in one labyrinthine space through four distinctive entrance gates providing access for different sections. This journey is grueling but it offers ample chances. Alternatively, there is relief offered by the heavens in the form of charted planes departing from Entebbe International airport and touching down at Kihihi airstrip, shortening travelling time into an almost whispering period of what it used to be.

At the same time, Volcanoes National Park lies 120km away offering only a three hour long ride from Kigali – Rwanda’s busy capital. The magic is real because upon one’s arrival, an instant gorilla trekking permit will enable them to go for this endeavor straight away if they are lucky.

Roads Less Traveled: Kigali’s Allure

A secret trail between Rwanda to Bwindi Impenetrable National park emerges, a difficult but short adventure involving four hours driving plus crossing borders. Affordability attracts many and they make an interesting journey along African borders.

The Price tag of Proximity: Gorilla Permit Chronicles

Uganda and Rwanda have a silent war over gorilla permits. In the year starting July 2020, the cost of Uganda’s gorilla tickets will increase to USD 700 from the current rate of USD 600. However, in Rwanda it is said with wealth because the cost of permit is one and a half thousand dollars. The gaping fiscal void draws frugal discoverers into Uganda’s arms across the vastness of space which surrounds our earliest relations.

Beyond the Beasts: African Safari Unleashed

However, this journey goes beyond the gorilla trekking Safari. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park conceals a treasure of natural wealth. A tantalizing safari buffet reveals here with explorers tapping into the diverse menu offered by Kibale National park, Queen Elizabeth National park, and Lake Bunyonyi. While Rwanda appears captivating as a host, she also hides her neighborly treasures in making parallel explorations a dream.

Habituation Unleashed: Uganda’s Unique Charm

Bwindi vs Volcanoes
Baby Gorilla

In the heart of Uganda, a special dance awaits: the dance of habituation. Enchanted souls get an unbelievable opportunity to mingle with the gorillas for four hours at the fee of USD 1500 in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Unlike Rwanda which embraces in an hour’s hold, it’s magic in a brief but charming rendezvous.

A Night amidst the Wild

An opulent fabric in both lands is woven throughout the saga of accommodation. There are many options in the Bwindi impenetrable national park such as, the warm and cozy environment of gorilla forest camp which is an excellent place for one on one with the sound of moving through the woods by monkeys, and a breathtaking scenic grandeur

Rwanda’s offerings stand in stately contrast: Luxury seclusion at Mountain Gorilla’s Nest Lodge, surrounded by Eucalyptus sentinels. The beauty of Rwanda can be experienced at Sabyinyo silverback lodge which is a symphony of cottages set amongst rolling hills and Ruhengeri garden place hotel, a contemporary hotel experience. Diverse options like indulgence of different travelers abound among such different kinds of animals bestowing on them.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda’s emerald canopy or Rwanda’s misty veil is a story of adventure, awe and conservation. This amount of money, usually seen as extortionate, suddenly becomes an act of nobility. It is a way to protect this last few mountain gorillas in Africa’s wild.

Finally, we do not arrive at a mere adventitious activity. It is a communion with nature, a demonstration of human interest in the wild, and a vow to the mysterious creatures who share our world.

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