Bukima Tented Camp

Bukima Tented Camp is a base for the Virunga mountain gorilla trekking. The camp is situated near Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Camp was formerly used as an accommodation facility for researchers and then later opened to tourists tracking mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park. The camp is a relatively standard safari camp.

Bukima Tented Camp
Bukima Tented Camp

The Camp offers its guests spectacular views of the Virungas; with the view of Mount Mikeno io in the South, towering at a height of 4437 meters above sea level. Over the valley and adjacent to Bukima Tented Camp is Mount Nyiragongo, a stratovolcano mountain, whose lava lake lights up the night sky with a red glow.

Bukima Tented Camp’s prime location at the head of Virunga National Park offers gorilla trekkers an ideal spot for an overnight stay, as the camp is situated about an hour’s walk from two different gorilla familiesThe Campsite also offers guests amazing views of farmlands and terraced fields, which are pleasurable for nature walks. The camp has a total of 6 tents with 4 of these having double beds and the other two tents have twin beds.

Visitors staying in the camp sleep in platform tents which are nothing but lavish. Each tent has an adjoining bathroom with running water and a relatively large and comfortable bed. The staff ensures that hot water bottles are placed in the beds at night to keep their guests warm.

Although there is no electricity in the camp, guests can utilize the main building/tent which has electricity 24 hours. In case guests need to have a warm bath, one can always ask the staff at the camp to take hot water to the bathroom. However, visitors should inform the staff in advance in case you need to take an early morning shower.

The meals served at the Camp’s restaurant are decent and fresh, given that you are in an isolated area in Congo. Fresh vegetables are always served; especially to guests who are on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Given that Bukima Tented Camp is located in the Bukima sector of Virunga National Park, tourists are assured of sighting attractions such as; mountain gorillas, Mt. Mikeno, Mt. Nyiragongo and a variety of bird species that live within the forest.

Bukima Tented Camp is the place to be for anyone doing gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park. The camp is truly a paradise in the midst of the tropical forests of the park.

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