Bisate Lodge

Bisate Lodge is located in Ruhengeri district in Rwanda. The lodge is close to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda which makes it the perfect place for an overnight stay for gorilla trekkers. Bisate Lodge is strategically situated in a natural gridiron of an eroded volcanic conoid. The lodge has dazzling views of Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi with their summits towering above the African tropical forests. The Lodge is the very first luxurious and eco- friendly accommodation lodge to be constructed in the country; and for that matter, at the heart of Rwanda’s primate experience destination.

Bisate Lodge
Bisate Lodge

Rwanda’s Bisate Lodge has six deluxe en- suite forest villas offering guests uttermost comfort and stunning views. The management of this luxurious urban Lodge promotes sustainable tourism by practicing environmentally responsible principles as well as promoting the rich traditional culture of Rwanda.

The Lodge offers its guests first-class services with its spacious rooms, exceptionally warm, inviting and attentive staff; all of which make Bisate Lodge a must-visit base for any gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda.

Each of the rooms in the cottages are amazingly spacious, with gorgeous views and a cozy fire place. The rooms in Bisate also feature a minibar. Bisate Lodge has quite a number of amenities within its premises which guests staying at the lodge can enjoy and these include; a bar lounge, ethnic and urban restaurant, laundry services, concierge, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, airport shuttle services, and a well-equipped fitness gym as well as free and secure parking.

The Lodge also plays a great role in conservation by practicing reforestation and equally invites its guests to take part in the Lodge’s biodiversity conservation efforts by encouraging them to interact with the local people in the nearby communities.

There are plenty of activities that guests staying at Bisate can partake in;

  • Mountain Gorilla Trekking: Bisate Lodge is situated within a short driving distance of park headquarters at Volcanoes National Park. This makes it easy for gorilla trekkers to depart daily from the Lodge to the park. There are a total of 18 habituated gorilla family groups in Volcanoes National Park, with 12 of these available to guests for Rwanda gorilla trekking at a cost of 1500 USD.
  • Golden Monkey Trekking: Guests staying at Bisate Lodge can also opt to do golden monkey tracking as an alternative to mountain gorilla trekking which may be a bit expensive for some. Trekking permits for this activity cost 100 USD which is a great option for those with a tight budget and yet wish to have the ultimate Rwanda primate experience.
  • Guided Nature Walks: Guests staying at the lodge can embark on guided nature walks in Volcanoes National Park with options of a full-day guided hike to the summit of Mount Bisoke; which offers spectacular views of the rainforest and Crater Lake.
  • Hike to Dian Fossey’s Grave Site and Karisoke: The staff at Bisate will tell you that any trip to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is not complete without paying a visit to Dian Fossey’s gravesite and Karisoke Research Center. Dian Fossey was an American primatologist who was murdered in her camp in Rwanda. She is famous for playing an important role in the conservation and study of mountain gorillas in both DRC and Rwanda. Hiking expeditions to her tomb and the Karisoke research center are among the highlights of a visit to Volcanoes National Park.
  • Nursery Visit and Tree Planting: While staying at Bisate Lodge, do not hesitate to pay a visit to the nearby tree nursery owned by the lodge’s agronomist, Jean- Moise. While you are at it, get to plant a tree sapling and support the lodge’s reforestation project.
  • Community Walks: Bisate Lodge plays a huge role in promoting and sustaining the traditional culture in Rwanda by bridging the gap between the local community and tourists. Guests staying at Bisate Lodge can take a guided tour to the nearby community where they can interact with the local people and even be entertained by the local dance troupe.
Bisate Lodge
Bisate Lodge

How to Get to Bisate in Rwanda.

Bisate Lodge is located in Ruhengeri just 106 km from Kigali City. It is a 2 and a half minute drive from Kigali to the Lodge. Bisate Lodge can also be accessed by air from Kihihi Airport and Goma International Airport.

Bisate Lodge is an amazing getaway for nature lovers escaping from the hustle and bustle of the busy cities. The lodge is a great spot for families on holiday.

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