Accommodation In Murchison Falls National Park : There is no shortage of excellent lodging options in Murchison, ranging from opulent lodges on the banks of the Albert Nile to eco-lodges tucked away in the heart of the Budongo Forest. Our top picks are those that combine the greatest activities, animals, and scenery to perfectly capture the charm of the Albert Nile.

Accommodation in Murchison, at a glance

Three locations—the Albert Nile, Paraa and the Victoria Nile, and Kaniyo Pabidi and the Masindi Road—offer lodging choices in Murchison Falls National Park. These lodges offer options for all price ranges, from luxury to mid-range. The nightly rates vary from $40 to $500. A number of variables, such as your spending limit, the size of your group, and the length of your stay, will determine which lodging is best for you.


  1. Pakuba Safari Lodge

The best mid-range accommodation in Murchison Falls is Pakuba Safari Lodge. The largest selection of affordable solutions may be found at the lodges located in the northwest, close to the Albert Nile. Pakuba is at the best location of all of them.

 The three-star suburban lodge is situated on the east bank of the Albert Nile. The lodge is an updated version of the old state lodge that Idi Amin once visited, the ruins of which are still visible. The Tangi Gate of Murchison Falls National Park is not far from Pakuba.

After a fast-paced day at the park, you can cool off in its outdoor pool or enjoy your favorite tipple at the lodge’s fully stocked bar. You might rather enjoy the picturesque views of the forest while sitting at your window. From the resort, fortunate visitors may spot creatures like giraffes or warthogs.

  1. Paraa Safari Lodge

The most well-liked lodges may be located in the park’s central Paraa region, which is where Lake Albert and the Victoria Nile meet. With 54 rooms, the spacious Paraa Safari Lodge is located in a beautiful location on the north bank of the Nile. Each room features a private terrace with stunning views of the flowing Nile, a wide window, and an en-suite bathroom. Free Wi-Fi, parking, and a complimentary breakfast at the restaurant are available to visitors.

The decor of the lodge, which was rebuilt in 1997 using the shell of the original 1959 lodge, draws inspiration from an earlier period of Nile exploration. The African Queen, a Hollywood classic, featured a serene outdoor pool. For families or those traveling to Africa for the first time and wanting to enjoy a Uganda safari in luxury and style, the lodge is a fantastic choice.

  1. Baker’s Lodge

In Murchison, Baker’s Lodge is a well-liked upscale choice. The array of quaint, superior options on the south bank of the Nile is growing. With immediate river access and opulent yet traditional African accommodations, the lodge bears the name of English explorer Samuel Baker.

 Built out of a shared eating area, the rooms are well-proportioned and have a beautiful blend of thatch and canvas. They were opened in 2015. As well as offering complimentary parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfasts, the resort affords spectacular views of the Nile. You may even order a delectable bush breakfast for those who want to experience indigenous food. Along the Nile’s margin, a diverse array of animals and birds can be expected. On the fringe of the lodge grounds, hippos and elephants are frequently treated like VIP visitors.

  1. Budongo Ecolodge

If you travel any further south, lodging is accessible by the main road that connects Masindi and Paraa. Despite not having a Nile beachfront, these lodges offer excellent access to Budongo’s woodlands, which are home to approximately 600 chimpanzees and a wide variety of birds.

 The most well-liked lodging option is the Budongo Ecolodge, which is situated 8 km north of the Kichambanyobo Gate. It was once the Jane Goodall Institute’s research station, but after renovations, it now serves as a cozy and convenient starting point for forest exploration.

Accommodation In Murchison Falls National Park
Budongo Ecolodge

The lodge is intimate, offering five comfortable cabins and four large dormitory rooms for larger groups. Its on-site visitor center is very informative about the local area, and it showcases ancient fossils. The lodge’s craft shop sells handmade gifts to commemorate your stay.

  1. Twiga Safari Lodge

A distinctive choice for tourists looking for a distinctive kind of lodging. Twiga Safari Lodge, which is located next door to Baker’s Lodge, offers a modern twist on the tented camp experience by fusing canvas with sturdy architecture.

The mid-range lodging options offered by Twiga combine thatched African huts and Safari camping tents. Its eight private cottages are situated across from Murchison Falls National Park in Mubaako Paraa, on the banks of the Nile River. It’s common to spot hippos, birds, and monkeys on the lodge’s grounds. Apart from providing complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and parking, the lodge also features an on-site restaurant, bar, and gift shop.

  1. Murchison River Lodge

Situated on the southern bank of the Nile, the family-owned Murchison River Lodge provides expansive vistas of both the Nile and the Murchison Falls National Park. Chris and Georgie founded the lodge with the goal of offering top-notch lodging to all tourists, regardless of their financial situation. Because hippos frequently come into the grounds at night, the staff offers superb service, which includes an evening escort from the restaurant to your accommodations.

 With a focus on sustainability, Murchison River Lodge exclusively utilizes solar energy. Additionally, the lodge aims to strengthen the local community, and the on-site restaurant primarily serves food that is sourced locally.

  1. Nile Safari Lodge

The family-run, environmentally conscious Nile Safari Lodge opened its doors in 2017 and is located on the southern bank of the Nile. The lodge has a distinct style. The lodging’s design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor space, allowing it to become one with its breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. The lodge was mostly created by talented local craftsmen who used natural materials.

 The water is obtained from the Nile and purified using a UV filtration system to meet drinking standards. The resort is ideal for travelers who care about the environment because it offers solar-powered amenities, including private refrigerators.

  1. Chobe Safari Lodge

This five-star resort is situated on the Nile’s north bank and provides expansive views of the river. There are many different types of accommodations available at the lodge: 36 quaint guest rooms, 21 opulent tents, 4 suites, and a Presidential Cottage.

 The three tiers of Chobe’s outdoor pool let visitors take in the view from various angles. The Karama restaurant serves a delectable menu featuring both foreign and regional cuisines. Its terrace offers an amazing outdoor eating experience. After a day of park exploration, the Chobe Health Club and Spa is the ideal location for introspection and rejuvenation.

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