3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking Safari

3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking will take place in Kibale Forest National Park, located in the western region of Uganda. The national park is part of the renowned Kibale forest and is home to over 1450 chimpanzees, which happens to be Uganda’s largest population of these endangered species. This 3 day Chimpanzee trekking safari in Kibale national park is ideal for visitors looking to embark on a memorable primate experience during your brief stay in the country. This 3 day Kibale Chimp Tracking safari starts and ends in Kampala, Uganda.

3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking Safari
Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

Highlights for 3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking Safari.

  • Day 1: Pick up and Transfer to Kibale National Park.
  • Day 2: Chimpanzee Tracking & Bigodi Swamp Walk.
  • Day 3: Cultural Tour and Transfer Back to Kampala.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Pickup and Transfer to Kibale National Park.

Pickup & Transfer to Kibale: On Day 1 of your 3 Day Kibale Chimpanzee Tracking safari, your guide/driver will pick you up from your hotel in Kampala city. You will embark on a 5-6 hour drive to Kibale National Park with a stopover at the famous equator monuments in Kayabwe for some photos and refreshments. You will also have an opportunity to visit some of the craft stalls in the area and grab yourself some souvenirs. Proceed with your journey to Kibale with lunch enroute to the park.

Upon your arrival in the park, check into your lodge for dinner and accommodation.

Day 2: Chimpanzee Tracking & Bigodi Swamp Walk.

Chimpanzee Tracking: Wake up early in the morning and head out to Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center, where your chimpanzee trekking activity will commence. You will be expected to report to the park by 7am for a briefing from the head ranger at the park. Actual trekking begins at 8am after you have been placed into trekking groups that consist of not more than 6 members per group. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park can take between 2-5 hours, depending on the location of the chimpanzees. You will be given an hour to spend with the chimpanzees once they have been located. Head back to the park headquarters in Kanyanchu for your chimpanzee trekking certificate and drive back to your hotel/lodge for lunch in case you didn’t not pack any in the morning.

Bigodi Swamp Walk: Later in the Afternoon, you will proceed to Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary which is just adjacent to the national park. Here, you will embark on a guided nature walk in the Swamp; where you will get to sight a number of bird species like; the Yellow-spotted Barbet, Hairy-breasted Barbet, Superb Sunbird, Black Bishop bird and the rare Shoe Bill Stock to mention but a few. There are about 138 bird species in Bigodi Swamp alone. Later head back to your lodge for dinner and accommodation.

Day 3: Cultural Tour and Transfer Back to Kampala.

Cultural Tour: Take your breakfast at leisure and later meet up with your guide/driver who will drive you to Bigodi community which is located outside Kibale national park. A guide from Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED) will take you on a fascinating cultural tour of the Bigodi homesteads. Here, you will observe how the locals prepare delicious traditional cuisines and also learn traditional weaving techniques with Bigodi Women’s Group. Have lunch and embark on your return journey to Kampala.

3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking Safari
Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris in Kibale

Transfer Back to Kampala: After lunch, drive back to Kampala upon your arrival in the city, your guide/driver will drop you off at any hotel of your choice or directly at Entebbe International Airport where you will board your flight back home. Alternatively, if you still have time to spare, you can embark on a short tour of Kampala city where you can visit interesting places like; the craft village, garden city, Kingdom Kampala, and Acacia Mall among others. End of Tour.

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