2 Days Entebbe City Tour- Uganda

2 Days Entebbe City Tour- Uganda : This 2 Days Entebbe City Tour can start and end in Entebbe for those staying within Entebbe City. However, the trip can also start and end in Kampala with transfers to and from Entebbe. This tour also includes an overnight stay in Entebbe on Day 1.

You will start with a short tour of Entebbe City which is intended to expose you to the hidden treasures and gems of this former historical and colonial Ugandan city. During this tour, visitors are taken through walking, bike and boat tours to the different tourist attraction centers to create a magical and exciting weekend in this wonderful peninsular.

During this 2 Days Entebbe City Tour, you will be visiting top tourist attractions in Entebbe such as the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre also known as the zoo and historical buildings and monuments such as the World War II Gun near State House and the first residential home for Aldina Visram when he lived in Uganda. You will also visit Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary which is located on Ngamba Island while on a Uganda Safari.

Highlights for 2 Days Entebbe City Tour-Uganda.

Day 1: Pickup and Tour Entebbe City with Chimpanzee Habituation at Ngamba Island.

Day 2: Birding in Mabamba Swamp & Departure.

Detailed Itinerary 2 Days Entebbe City Tour-Uganda.

Day 1: Pickup and Tour Entebbe City with Chimpanzee Habituation at Ngamba Island.

Pickup from your designated pickup station either in Entebbe or Kampala. Take a tour of Entebbe’s old town with a photographic moment on a number of Historical Buildings and Monuments like the World War II Gun near State House, Aldina Visram’s first residential home (now Golf Club offices) then trek down to St Johns Church (oldest church in Entebbe), Entebbe Golf Course (the oldest in East Africa), we then trek to Entebbe Botanical Garden’s a habitant for Colobus monkey’s and variety of Bird species. At the gardens you will be engaged in nature walks, forest birding, exotic fauna views and marine birding.

2 Days Entebbe City Tour- Uganda
Chimpanzee Tracking

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre: Proceed to Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) for game photographic treks in the ZOO. You shall witness most of the animals and bird species represented in Uganda gazetted in a semi natural habitation. Popular species include; Crocodiles, Lions, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Hippos, Rhinos, Snakes, rare Shoebill Bird, variety of native bird species and numerous primates (Chimpanzee and Monkeys).

Ngamba Island: After having your lunch, you will head to the docking point and take a boat to Ngamba Island. You will get to spend the rest of the afternoon with habituated chimpanzees at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The sanctuary is managed by the Jane Goodall Institute.  You will have an opportunity to learn more about the conservation work at the chimpanzee sanctuary, take part in feed the chimpanzees and watch them play and groom each other.

Later take a boat ride back to the docking point near the Zoo where you will meet your driver and head back to your hotel or spend the rest of the evening relaxing at one of the beaches or bars within Entebbe. Dinner and Overnight at Protea Hotel/ 2 Friends Hotel.

Day 2: Visit Historical Site, Birding in Mabamba Swamp & Departure.

Visit Historical Site: After breakfast, you will drive to “Entebbe za Mugula” which is a historical site is located just behind the Airport runway along the shores of Lake Victoria. The site caretaker will give you all the history of this site as the founding of the Entebbe City name. Take a visit historical site of Kigungu Church where Brother Amans and Father Mon Maple Lourdel landed to establish the catholic faith in Uganda.

You will then visit some of the local markets and shopping malls within Entebbe. This is a great opportunity for you to grab yourself and loved ones some souvenirs. Have lunch at any of the restaurants in Entebbe before proceeding to Mabamba Swamp.

Birding in Mabamba Swamp: After lunch, you will take a boat cruise to trek the rare famous Shoebill stalk in Mabamba swamp which is one of the a Ramsar site in Uganda safaris. The swamp has over 200 bird species hence a great sport for birding enthusiasts.

After your birding experience, take a boat back to the docking area where your driver will drive back to your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala city. End of Tour.

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